Those who know me know that I love to discuss all things food related.  One of me favorite things is discovering new dishes are places to eat and then sharing with others.  When it comes to food there is very little I do not enjoy and I am always interested in new experiences.  So after spending a few months contemplating the idea, I’ve decided it is time to start a blog.  I hope to use this to share my passion for food, and write down some of my thoughts and experiences before I forget them.

At this point I am a far more experienced eater then cooker, so this will mostly focus on restaurant experiences.  Although I am in the process of broadening my cooking skills.  The main focus will be on the food in Bloomington Indiana, where I currently live, and the surrounding area.  There is far too much outstanding food in Bloomington for a small college town in rural Indiana.  And sharing this discovery is one of the main reasons for starting this blog.  However, I search for good food anywhere I go and so I will also attempt to cover other noteworthy experiences in other locations in Indiana and beyond.

I prefer to spend my time talking about food I love and dining experiences that leave an impact, and as such I will probably not be writing many negative reviews.  I hope I will be able to convey my passion for food and maybe also learn about some new eating experiences through this blog.

Next up I will discuss one of my favorite food categories, SOUP, and also reveal my absolute favorite restaurant in Bloomington…